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 My Rank Up guide!!!

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PostSubject: My Rank Up guide!!!   Wed Aug 26, 2009 2:22 pm

So anyways here is my guide on the rank ups, didnt knw where to put it so i'll put it here.

Battle Style
BSLV UP Special

Class lvl 110
Defeat 200 Bloody Orcs in Lakeside
Defeat 30 Blaze Hounds in Volcanic Citidel
Battle Mode 1 (Combo accessible)
Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 3

Class lvl 120
Defeat 100 Bloody Ogres in Lakeside
Defeat 50 Dark Phalanxs in Volcanic Citidel
Buff Time 150% Up
Buff Quantity Limit increased to 6
Bike Chain Attack Skill Level 4

Class lvl 130
Defeat 150 Ectoleafs in Mutant Forest
Defeat 70 Flame Warrior Zombies in EoD B2F
Battle Mode 1 + Aura Mode (Combo accessible)
Buff Quantity Limit increased to 7

Class lvl 140
Defeat 80 Durahan in EoD B2F
Defeat 100 Viant in Mutant Forest
2 of the same Buff Type can be used and overlapped

Class lvl 150
Defeat 150 Armaps in Mutant Forest
Defeat 80 Death Knights in EoD B2F
Buff Time 200% up
Buff Quantity Limit increased to 9

Class lvl 160
Defeat 60 Lobatums in Mutant Forest
Defeat 40 Vice Felichras in Forgotten Temple (B1F)
Buff Quantity Limit to 10

Class lvl 170
Defeat 50 UMD-02 Cornus in Pontus Ferrum
Defeat 30 Grogas in Forgotten Temple(B1F)
3 of the same Buff Type can be used and overlapped
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My Rank Up guide!!!
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