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PostSubject: N.WAR BISHES!!!   Fri Nov 07, 2008 11:16 pm

Well I was thinking about what we could do to better our chances of winning for Proc. Sirlemat was sayin' that we needed to get Cap to fight on 2 fronts.. I think it's a great idea.... because what seems to be the norm is cap hords right on through points, we stop them, but then we got lil flies atkin' our main base and weakening our front. so in essence, cap does the strat that we want to do.

I can't explain this shit to the knuckle head proc catz we play with, but US as subversion could probably do a lil somethin'.

I say we have, pending how many Sub members we have at the time, multiple parties of 2-3 people. This way everybody can build a lot faster when needed.

Everybody needs to carry at least 30 of those med kits.. cuz you really can't rely on FA heals especially if everybody is bein' atk'd and damage need to happen now lol. Just run away get heal'd quickly n come back.

Another thing that needs to be carried is a couple of those portable towers. That is probably the best reinforcement tool we could have. That has stopped Caps advancements time and time again.

Of course come in PVP gear, u wanna be able to take out mugs as fast as possible.

Aight on to my proposal of what we can contribute as a guild to Proc via N.War lol: This can be an underlying strat. that's happening along side whateva main strat is developed.

@ start 1-2 leaders stay at main base and build warp, def up, atk up, and res towers (we'll probably have help from people outside the guild so we can adjust accordingly.) Rest of the party members proceed to follow other proc peoples and take points and work on gettin' that 30 for rewards.

When the original leaders are done buildin' the ish at the main base, they should give leadership to the advance party and allow them to build fortifications for points already taken (once again we'll have help and can adjust when need)

Now the guys that just passed leadership that are at the main base could do 2 things. Stay and protect base (which I wouldn't recommend at the very beginning of the match) or actually be those annoying Iraqi flies and start assaulting Cap's main base.. or even better... start to atk any fortifications that they put up to protect their base. They'll be able to get their 30 points quick by doin' that. The people that do this tho has to really not care about dying and be relentless.

The advance party(members with the main effort atking ) should collect as many Legacy weaps as they can to supply the other members with them.

With some of our people atking their main base or other points they might have, we can split their forces a bit and maybe be able to push through with our main effort.

We can rotate people on the assault of their main base or other points to give people a rest or a chance to be on the front lines.

I know this strat has a lot of holes, but with a lil more brain power on it we could probably develop somethi'n that'll work n be fun for everybody. We can still talk about what jobs can be where and do what. So lets talk about it.. See if we can set somethin' up.
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Lady Coco


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PostSubject: Re: N.WAR BISHES!!!   Sat Nov 08, 2008 1:37 am

I hear you on this Heven.
There's a few things I wanna add:
First, the Portable Fts can be built whether you're a leader or not.

I was building stuff at the same time you were in the last war, Heven.
I think you only have to be a leader to build a guardian or use points or something to that extent.
Also, I hear yah on the different teams, but I would only care to be in a different team if there were SO many of us that we needed to split into two teams.

Second, we need more of our members in Nation War ASAP.

Im waiting on the lower levels to catch up because we can't make much of an impact if barely any of us are there.
However, it is apparent that we're more organized than most other guilds. I've only seen 1 to 2 members of other guilds participate, so
we ARE capable of taking the war by storm. We just need the numbers.
I really want everyone to kick it into high gear. Be more active, level, recruit some higher leveled members, or even help each other level.
I dont expect everyone to be at every war or to be on all the time, but I do want people to be more active and try to participate in war.
When I kept talking about Subversion coming in and owning face I meant it. In all seriousness, I wanna "fix" the war.
I dont wanna leave the lower tier until I've helped Procyon win at least once. Then I'll feel complete, but of course I can't do that alone.
If we as a guild did that, then imagine how awesome we'd be. Smile

Third, Procyon has been playing defense. Evil or Very Mad

This is why I complained about staying in one place and defending it for so long.
The last war, we quite literally defended w9 75% of the time.
That's BULLSHIT. We have to get on the offensive if we're gonna get anywhere. I dont think procyon is good at playing defense anyway.
With mostly lower level procyons joining the war, we gotta hit em hard. I sure as hell know I cant "defend" against lv 120 + capella forcing their way through.

Fourth, we can't continue to use the same strat over and over again and I dont think Procyon realizes this.

It's apparent that Capella already knows that one strat. We have to mix it up, that's why I was trying to hear out Lemat on taking Alpha.
The arrogant asshole who was trying to boss us around was annoying me because one, he wasnt listening to us, and two, he was using some old strategy. In case he hasnt noticed, procyon has been losing in ALL tiers. So maybe, just maybe, Capella knows our every move.

Fifth, It seems like BOTH sides wanna take center.

So using that as our beginning strat, we could use center as a diversion to our real goals: taking the other bases. If only we had more people coming to war, we could split groups instead of having "flies" go to other bases.
We need to be really organized.
My major problem is maneuvering through the map. Sometimes I cant tell if Im on a cliff or not or how to get somewhere. Other times I get stuck in the tiny corridors and I get lost. When it comes to going across the map, I dont even know where to begin.
We would really need to build warps and stick together to make that guerilla tactic work.
Also, what happened to taking Omega?
Apparently, taking major bases scores major points. I think we took Omega in one war but didnt in the others?
So maybe, Instead of going to random Capella bases, a group goes to center and another stays at Omega. That way, we have a major base on our side, scoring extra points, AND we have the other bases around it.

Sixth, build towers, dont destroy them.

I think I remember one time, when I was reading up on random Nation War threads in the Ogplanet forums, that Procyon was really good at building stuff, and that's part of the reason why they would win.
So build build build! Supposedly, towers distracted Capellas and it was one of the reasons why Capella would lose.
I suggest that we forget about destroying towers and just kill the people, unless of course you're destroying a res warp and/or there's no one around.

Finally, join VENT!

I think it's imperative that we're all in Vent during war, mic or not. It's much easier to listen to what the other players are doing than stopping to type. There's also less confusion as to who is listening or not.
Im only asking for people to go in Vent during war, no other time.

Oh yeah and remember to Have Fun!! I know Im trying to tell people to do this and do that but the main part is that you're having fun and trying your best.
That's why I keep going regardless of the assholes and the lack of a winning bonus!
Dont punk out at 30. Keep going. After all, even with 30 seconds left we could win!
(It has happened!).

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PostSubject: Re NW Bishes   Sat Nov 08, 2008 4:46 pm

I am down with everything. I have a few ideas I would like to try.
A guerrilla tactic of confusion is the first one.
Take a party and head to Alpha and attack. Caps will show up. Win and move on(prolly not likely), when anyone dies warp to w8 and wait for the others. Once everyone has died and warped to w8, we will move to e3, that's the base behind center for them. I have been running solo at it and it is weakly defended, but more will come as we attack. We can take this base if we are fast enough. Now if/when we start to die off warp back to base, the enemy should be there attacking by then and dispose of them. Now we rush to Alpha and attack, we will prolly meet caps on the way. If/when we die again warp to w8 and go back after e3.
If we keep this up it will confuse their fronts. Where are we attacking? Everywhere it would seem.
Another choice is to dash past Alpha and attack the next base, we can take it with a quick attack. If not we get their attention. Either way we keep warping back and forth attacking them on 2 fronts while the main force ??Defends?? i use that loosely, I guess w9 again. Who would have thunk it.
We can also bypass attacking any caps at main base after we warp back from attacking e3 and just go straight to Alpha or the base behind it. Let the others defend base. Hopefully they will and we can shout for someone to defend it. Someone usually comes.
We absolutely need to stay together, so, waiting for rest of party after death at warps is crucial. Don't dash off by yourself in other words. If you are dead, the rest of the party will soon follow or call you back to whichever base you died at.
This is a harassment technique from the Art of War Smile Which is better utilized by the warps. Ghengis Khan utilized his speed with this approach and made fast quick attacks and then retreated, or so it would seem only to have them re-attack. The Egyptians used the speed of their chariots in a large circular attack pattern. They would rush in, attack, sweep by and attack while retreating, as wave after wave of this continued it would wear down the enemies defenses.
Our warps are our retreats, and the continued harassment will force them to divide their forces no just on 2 fronts but 3; Alpha front, w9 and e3.
I have other thoughts and strategies but I really want to try this one first. We can throw in building, like after you die you get passed leader and build something. This is a suicide mission, if you are afraid to die this is not for you.

I also want to get allies to help us with this. TheForgotten, lets get em in there. We call in all debts. We need more than one party to do this effectively.

We also need to pick the brains of high level Procs on effective building before we try a building campaign, in my opinion. I'm up for anything, and if you have something to add DO IT. We will take tier one back from the caps. They will not brush us aside anymore. We are Procyon and death is not a fear. We are Procyon and failure is not an option. We are Procyon and we will reign victorious. We are Spartans ... ooops got carried away Smile

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Lady Coco


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Registration date : 2008-02-25

PostSubject: Re: N.WAR BISHES!!!   Sat Nov 08, 2008 9:26 pm

Well unfortunately, Lemat, The Forgotten are Capella and neither of us are willing to switch sides. Crying or Very sad
So we're allies outside of war, but in war we've agreed to go all out towards each other. That means we definitely do not want them here lol.

I think your idea is brilliant.
I was thinking of something similar, well actually it was basically your idea. Since we always get stuck at w9 or w8 because we're SO fixated on getting center, I was thinking that a group distracts the capellas at center while another group takes Alpha. Not just little kamikazees trying to confuse the Caps, but a full on group to take that base.
And if Caps already have that base, we would need to take out their warps and resses.
I think that if we got Alpha, it would distract them enough that we could regain center.
We would do this after we've taken all our small bases AND omega though. That way we have points from Omega as well.

Also, what I've seen from most of the wars is that we're so fixated on center that we get stuck there, while the capellas branch out to some of our other bases. Once they do that, everyone loses it and yells for help. Then, we dont realize that the llittle flies attacking the other bases are only distractions and there goes the war.
Because of this fixation with center we dont even try to get other bases. Some people do, but they get shunned away.

So I believe our plan will work if we as a guild go in there and take charge. Maybe with enough of us promoting the idea, we can actually get people to follow it.

Oh yeah and one more IMPORTANT detail.
Portable FTs can be built by anyone anywhere.
The difference between being a party leader is that ONLY party leaders can build guardians and towers at the actual bases.
I was party leader last time and for the whole first half of the war I built stuff like resses and warps on the actual bases, which was my job as leader.
So I think the leader should be someone designated to build stuff.
Leader should only be passed if someone in some far away base needs to build stuff on it.

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PostSubject: Re: N.WAR BISHES!!!   Sun Nov 09, 2008 12:12 am

I'm sticking to my strat: Kill Capella.


Mayhem -- 145 Blader, Trans/Trans
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PostSubject: Re: N.WAR BISHES!!!   Mon Nov 10, 2008 2:57 am

That's all fine and dandy mayhem, lol u can be there with the main forces killin' Caps and stopping their main effort and their advance. But we're focusin' on tryin' to take back the victory of the 95-129 tier... obviously there needs to be a change in strat.. it may work in the higher tiers, but it suckin' hard in ours.

I like that Idea Lemat.... I don't mind dyin' lol... at least I can crit on a couple caps with poison arrow lmao "Poison Arrow 2 da FACE!" I think it'll be fun.. and we can see how many caps r willing to weaken the defense on the front to take care of us.

I'd like to be around when we do this.. but I guess I'll have to wait lol... lemme know how it turns out.


Alabama is cool.. they got us in Hotels for the 2 weeks we are here... trainin' sucks tho lmao.. anyway.. talk to you later. I might have questions on the strat once you try it out and get feed back on it.

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PostSubject: Re: N.WAR BISHES!!!   Wed Nov 12, 2008 9:38 pm i read all this to be prepared when i do get into war...but since i havent been there all your terms dont really make fault i know...i dont need them all explained...just kinda wanna throw my 2 cents in...since i play this game alot i will probably be willing to go into most wars so i wanna be up to speed...unless i hate it...but if were going in as a guild i dont think i will...basically im willing to do whatever you tell me to...cant promise that ill do it well...but im not worried about dying as long as i dont get lost trying to get back to where i need to go...tends to be a problem for me in any game...or actual life for that matter...terrible sense of direction...anyway...this might be a dumb question and i havent looked which i might now...but i was wondering if theres a map of the war map somewhere i could get firmiliar with it before i go in...ill look now but if anyone knows where one is let me hoping to be up to 95 in a week or so...once the skill event is over im gonna lvl like crazy but i am in the slow yeah i guess thats it
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PostSubject: Re: N.WAR BISHES!!!   Fri Nov 14, 2008 6:18 am

I could upload a picture of the map tomorrow. Ill try.
The main goal in NW is to take over as many bases and
hold them. You need a minimum of 30 points to get some
wexp and other stuff. On your first war, just follow the
crowd of people and kill the guardians till you get the
center. Once your nation has that you can pretty much
chill, help take alpha or omega or raid the opposing nations
base and kill their ensign. Just make sure you got 30 points.
If you get a legacy weapon, use it Very Happy If you have more then
one then give it to a WA, BL or FS cause they can use it alot
better then other classes.

And h3v3ns you should try leading the NW. My tiers main
strategy is take all S and W points and center. Once we
have that we make warps at w9 and near center and try
storming E/W/N bases that caps have. We tire them out there
and then raid the base while another small pack takes over
omega. Once we kill the ensign we go back to take over any
small bases caps have and its usually over after about 30
minutes. This has been working so far but Im not sure if
your tiers people has the killing speed that we do. But with
this strategy we dont really need a back up if we fail in taking
one or two bases. Ima be puttin mah FB in cap so get ready for
some action guys Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: N.WAR BISHES!!!   

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